Pizza oven Cleaning brush-1

  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING TOOL – Scrub brush allows for easy cleaning and keeps your pink Himalayan sea salt block, pizza stone and cast iron pans in prime condition without scratching and gouging
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS include soft, yet tough nylon bristles to remove baked and burnt on food and a stainless steel scraper for removing stubborn residue quickly and easily
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN features an ergonomic handle for an easy grip – apply pressure without over exerting or using elbow grease; Lightweight nylon makes this brush easy to use for all ages and strengths
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR USE Handle can be used to hang on grill utensil hooks, or apron loop and can be kept outdoors; due to nylon and stainless steel construction it won’t rust!
  • EASY CARE: After cleaning salt plate or pizza tiles, rinse scrubber brush clean and air dry; Measures 5″ L x 4″ W x 3″ H to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand

Pink Himalayan sea salt blocks, pizza stones and cast iron pans are great tools to cook delicious meals, but cleaning them can be a challenge without the right tool for the job. Clean off food residue and juices from your salt slab for cooking, and stuck-on cheese, dough, and burnt toppings from your pizza stone with ease using the Outset Nylon Brush and Stainless Steel Scraper tool. Soft yet sturdy nylon bristles are tough on food but gentle on salt tiles, pizza tiles and cast iron. Scrub confidently without damaging your cookware and grilling accessories. The ergonomic handle enables optimal force behind each scrub, reducing the energy required to clean your equipment. Get more out of your baking, cooking and grilling equipment when you have the right tool to clean them!


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