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  • AIRTIGHT LIDS – This stainless steel bowl set comes with airtight, BPA-free lids that provide an easy, non-slip grip on each container. Perfect for pouring batter, kneading dough, tossing salads, whisking eggs and more.
  • DEEP SIZE – Whether you need a large batter bowl or small prep bowls, its here. These metal mixing bowl sizes (.75, 1, 1.5, 3, 5 quart) are designed to be deep enough to control overflow and splashing.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – We made each piece of the stainless steel bowls set dent, rust, and odor-resistant. Perfect for making buttercream, pancakes, cookies, cake, whipped cream, marinating meat.
  • STACKABLE – These serving bowls with lids nest in a compact stack in order to save cabinet space. The flat bottom of the stacking bowls provides maximum stability to avoid spills. The wide flat rim helps pour contents smoothly.
  • FRIDGE AND FREEZER-SAFE – Easy to use, easy to clean! Use the tall bowls set for storing leftovers in the fridge and freezer. Hand-washable and dishwasher safe.

5 Bowls and 5 Lids

Bowls that slosh and splatter as you try whisking the cream? Left a salad on the table to find the flies feasting? Started a recipe to discover you’re out of bowls?

A set of sturdy, dependable bowls is all you need. Deep and lightweight, mixing, beating, and blending are a total breeze. Wide rim allows for easy pouring, and airtight lids provide a great solution for refrigerating or protecting food till ready to be consumed and for the eternal leftover dilemma.


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