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  • DOUGH PROOFING BOX – Looking to perfect your pizza-making skills? Get your hands on our all-in-one pizza dough kit! Our kit includes a convenient pizza proofing box for optimal dough rising, a durable dough scraper, and a non-slip pastry mat for easy rolling and shaping.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED – Measuring 13.7″ x 9.44″, this dough box is perfect for proofing 4-6 dough balls at a time. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a space to proof your dough and hello to perfectly proofed, delicious pizza crust every time.
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Made with durably sturdy materials and designed to be stackable for added convenience, our pizza dough container is the perfect addition to any kitchen chef/cook looking to step up their dough-making game.
  • BUILT-IN TIMER – Elevate your pizza-making game with an airtight dough proofing container with lid that includes a timer. No more guesswork or sticky dough messes. Enjoy perfect pizza every time!
  • A THOUGHFUL GIFT -Our pizza dough proofer is the answer! It’s a practical and thoughtful gift for aspiring chefs, new restaurant owners, or nifty moms who love to make homemade pizza. Help them achieve the perfect dough rise every time with this useful kitchen accessory.

Quality Craftsmanship

Introducing a practical and durable pizza dough proofing box! Say goodbye to waiting hours and minutes for your pizza dough to rise – now you can get it done in nearly half the time. This incredible pizza dough box will make all your wildest pizzeria dreams come true, no matter if you’re an occasional home chef or looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves to try out new recipes, this is the perfect choice.

Go ahead, treat yourself and your friends – order our pizza dough proofing box today! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be sharing some seriously delicious pies with those same friends. What’s better than sharing a delicious slice of pizza withsome friends.


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