Italian Design Electric Pizza Oven

SKU: FSP230954

Product Size: 36,5 x 41 x 28cm

Refractory Stone Size: Dia. 34 cm x 2 cm

Material: 310 stainless steel shell

Temperature Reached: 450/500 °C

Pizza Cooking Time: 60 – 90 seconds

Certificates: CE, EMC, ROHS, LFGB

This electric pizza oven has a diameter of 36 cm and reaches a temperature of 500° thanks to the new patented system made in Italy.

The second dissipating cap that creates an air cushion and the forced ventilation allow compliance with the maximum external temperatures without affecting the internal temperatures.

The oven develops a power of 2000 w with circular resistance around the entire circumference.

The powers are distributed in such a way as to facilitate cooking the cornice, the upper resistance develops 1400 W while the lower 600 W. It has a standard made in Italy Casapulla / Sorrento biscuit hob with a diameter of approximately 32-34 cm and a thickness of approximately 2 cm.

The new stone housing system allows it to be replaced independently without the need for disassembly with tools or screws (being interlocking in support)

It has a SUS 310S stainless steel shell for high temperatures, it is equipped with an integrated thermometer for temperature control without the need to open the oven to check it, reducing temperature drops during cooking; it is also equipped with a resistance selector which allows you to choose the use according to your needs, excluding the lower or upper resistance or to use both.

  • Increased power 2000 w – Upper 1400 w – Lower 600 w
  • Automatic ventilation with ON/OFF from 150/200 degrees
  • BOOST function heaters always on for maximum power
  • Working temperatures 500 degrees C° at the stone
  • Closed product dimensions: width. 36.5 cm – depth 41 cm – height. 27cm
  • Open product dimensions: width. 36.5 cm – depth 54 cm – height. 53cm
  • Cooking base diameter about 34 cm
  • Casapulla/Sorrento biscuit made in Italy with diam. approximately 34 cm (with tolerance 32-34 cm handcrafted) thickness 2 cm
  • The largest in its category
  • Dual cap cooling patent and forced ventilation
  • Resistance selector, upper, lower or both in cooking
  • Temperature regulation thermostat
  • Built-in thermometer for temperature control
  • SUS 310S stainless steel shell specific for high temperatures
  • Power cable 150 cm


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